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Journey to the East ~P~ Journey to the East ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Drawing from the same spring of inspiration

I am very pleased that you created a Eastern/Asian themed track. I have a particular enjoyment on Asian themed music. I did something similar myself in the past here on NG (you mind-reader, you... :D). But while I focused on one main instrumental/percussion (Nomad of the Strings) melody, you focused your theme on a strong, multiple blend of percussion, classical string backing, native Asian instruments, and and elegant wind notes (what type of flute and/or woodwind is being used btw?).

I hope you will do some more exploration with this kind of music once again someday.

5/5 Vote
10/10 Stars
And greatly enjoyed!


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Innocence ~P~ Innocence ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is what drew my attention to your works!

Simple, clean and clear. I can't express how much I enjoy music like this. Feels like the opening sequence to a RPG-style video game or a fantasy movie credit opening. The synth strings and bell chimes help enforce the tonality of the main melody. This is going on my very selective list of favs. Bravo!

5/5 Vote
10/10 Stars


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Moonlight ~P~ Moonlight ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great fusion blend of genres

I love how you not only blend the orchestral piano melody with the various slow sweeps and catchy beat but you use the various choral and wah-wah melody with nice sfx useage. The flute that jumps in the first half of the track gives it a perfect "perk-up" as well. Reminds me of my own works using these two style fusion techniques (Symphony Cruiser & Orchestra of the Stars). I just wish it was longer (very minor nitpick, I know), but for a loop set it works wonderfully.

5/5 Vote
10 Stars
2 Thumps up!


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MH16: Hopes And Dreams MH16: Hopes And Dreams

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well structured and deilvered.

I am quite taken on how well this is composed. Dramatically pleasing in pace, nice clean sound and excellent melodic scaling. The sampling of the stings is very acoustic and the lead flute, even though it is noticeably sampled at times, is well fitting to the structure of your pacing. This is the sound I try to get when I do my own symphonic electronica tracks like Drums of Fate or Symphony Cruiser. Though in your case, yours is much more in the modern classical genre than mine.

Now the question I have is when you composed it did you have a general theme in mind for what this was going to be used for? Was it for a soundtrack setting (i.e. a movie/anime intro) or more of a soundtrack that would be used in a video game setting? The reason I ask this is in the end, your track cutoff while clean, is left feeling rather abrupt and somewhat incomplete.

This is due to the fact that you did such a great job in capturing the interest of the listener (me ^^'), so when you ended, it left me feeling wanting more. There should of been a coda of some sort, to tie it all together and bring it a more solid closure. But other than this minor nitpick, it well executed.

All in all, a job very well done. =D


9.6/10 (but I'm giving you a 10 anyway XD)

FairSquare responds:

To answer your question:
I never think of a special theme when i make a song, except if i make a song for a contest. I thought that the ending was nice at the moment i made the song, but now i totally agree with you (and other reviewers) that the ending could've been better.
I'm not changing this song though :P
Thanks for this wonderful review!


Complete (Dramatic Remastery) Complete (Dramatic Remastery)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A impressive return to a classic creation.

This new rendition of your original is the best of all in my opinion. Very clear and well paced. The tempo works well in this version making it a much cleaner. Very good impact and color throughout the piece. Most folks who do new renditions tend to overdo it. making it lose it original flavor. Not with this, you keep that while adding to it's strengths. Very well made.

(And I like to thank you of the constructive comment you made on my last piece of music. Your views are quite clear and well thought out as well as useful to me. Not many can say or do that at your age. Keep up the good work and keep giving those useful comments to everyone you listen to.)


Kriz: ReMotion Kriz: ReMotion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A great pleasure to listen to!

This track is very addicting to hear over and over. As a budding musician myself I enjoy others work to help inspire me. I tend to be every selective on what I put as my fav but not only did you did that you aslo made me download this as well.

That happens rarely for me...a testament to your musical skills and charm.



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Kr1z responds:

Awesome review, thank you!

Trancotic Symphony Trancotic Symphony

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Concentrated musical energy.

Slow but string build that jumps into a impact of syth, leads and beats. It like you are pouring liquid energy in each line of notes. It make me feel alive and vibrant even when the last note fades away. It the best 3+ minutes I've spent so far today!

Now I'll need to explore more of your music and see what else I can find!

5/5 & 10/10 and a big thumbs up!


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Semaphore responds:

It was my first song in such a genre and I'm very proud to hear that all the work wasn't senseless lost =)

I gave my best but I think today I could make it better =D

you're right the last notes fades away but that's all together like all things in the life play together =)

I'm very proud again ProfessorMordarm to hear your opinion

greetings Semaphore